Texas Cold Weather Preparedness – 2024

As the chill of winter sets in, it’s crucial to prepare your property, especially in areas like Texas where the cold weather might pose unexpected challenges due to less stringent construction codes. From safeguarding your water lines to ensuring safe pathways during icy conditions, here are some essential tips to help you brace for the cold.

Protect Your Water Lines

In regions like Texas where freezing temperatures aren’t as common, the infrastructure isn’t always equipped to handle extreme cold. This can make water lines susceptible to freezing. To prevent potential damage:

  • Cover Exterior Spigots: Utilize faucet covers, available at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, to shield your exterior plumbing from freezing temperatures.
  • Insulate Unique Plumbing Setups: If you have a unique plumbing arrangement, consider insulating it with blankets or other protective materials to shield it from the cold.

Inside your home:

  • Allow Faucets to Trickle: Letting faucets with plumbing through exterior walls trickle helps prevent freezing. For tankless water heaters, keep the water on warm while trickling to maintain a continuous flow through your main lines and prevent freezing.

Note: Always consult a professional plumber and conduct your research before taking any preventive measures.

Handling Icy Walkways

In case you need to leave your house during icy conditions:

  • Use Salt for Thawing: Salt can aid in thawing icy walkways or driveways. You can utilize salt from your water softener, but be mindful of its potential impact on walkway materials and nearby plants.

Planning Ahead for Plumbing Emergencies

During freezing weather, plumbers are typically in high demand. To ensure you’re prepared, here are some plumbers our team has collaborated with previously. While we can’t guarantee immediate assistance, mentioning our referral might help:

  • Alan Hall: (512) 541-7865
  • Dennis Damer: (737) 222-1028
  • Chad Taylor: (512) 657-6252
  • Therasa Brooks: (512) 264-4922

Assistance and Safety

Remember, we are here to assist you, though we are not experts in plumbing. Prioritize safety, stay warm, and reach out if you need guidance!

Preparing your home for cold weather demands proactive measures. Safeguarding your water lines, ensuring safe pathways, and planning for emergencies can mitigate potential issues and ensure a safer, more comfortable winter experience. Stay safe, stay warm, and embrace the winter wonderland!