Meet Felicia Sylvia

“Call me FJ.” That’s what REALTOR® Felicia Joy Sylvia tells people when she first meets them. Felicia puts her compassion, discipline, and optimism to work helping Central Texas home buyers and sellers realize their dreams as easily and effectively as possible.


Felicia’s story begins in the small town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. As she recalls, “My summers were spent on the beautiful beaches that Cape Cod has to offer, and my winters were spent shoveling my way out of blizzards.” Felicia moved to Texas at the age of 17 in search of warmer temperatures and immediately fell in love with the Lone Star State. She’s here to stay!


Felicia grew up in the real estate industry. Her father enjoyed a successful career as a real estate agent in Massachusetts, and she believes that she got the real estate itch from him. Even so, real estate wasn’t her first career. After observing the devastation caused by the 2008 global financial crisis, she decided instead to earn a BBA in Accounting (her second passion) from the University of Houston. While Felicia is grateful for the 10 years of personal and professional growth she experienced in her 10 years in the financial sector, she’s thrilled to return to her first passion here at Jorgenson Group.


Felicia understands the stress that comes with buying and selling a home, and she’s made it her mission to ease that stress for her clients. She’s motivated by the energy that her clients radiate during home shopping, the excitement they express during a successful closing, and the relief on their faces after a smooth transaction. In her words, “Bringing joy and peace of mind to my client’s lives is my purpose in life.” In addition to bringing peace of mind to her clients, Felicia also enjoys the peace and happiness of her home life with her husband, Nicholas, a U.S. Army officer on active duty. Having seen the stresses that PSCing can create, she’s especially driven to help military families and veterans find their dream homes. She describes her relationship with Nick as a perfect balance of personalities: “He constantly reminds me to stop and live in the moment, to make the most out of each adventure, and that everything always works out as it is meant to. Meanwhile, I constantly remind him to put away his laundry.”


Physical fitness plays a huge role in Felicia’s life. She describes her ideal day off as a round of golf in the morning and paddle boarding on Belton Lake in the evening. She’s also into weight training, hiking, Spartan races, and kayaking. You’ll see this transplanted country girl taking drives out to the Hill Country, exploring local wineries, two-stepping, attending country concerts, and taking weekend getaways to explore the state’s small-town attractions. She’s also a PADI-certified scuba diver who lists diving the Great Barrier Reef as the ultimate item on her bucket list.


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