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What is RamseyTrusted?

It’s a designation Ramsey gives to providers and services that will do whatever it takes to help you win with your big money and life decisions. The designation comes with the full backing of the Ramsey team and it’s marked by the shield.

What is the shield?  How did you get it?

That snazzy orange shield is how you can identify if a provider or service is RamseyTrusted. When you see it, it means if you trust Ramsey, then you can trust them (and me!).

I got the shield after being fully vetted by the Ramsey team as someone who offers top-notch service—no exceptions. They know me and how I do business and they’re 100% confident in recommending me to you.

And what does 'Fully Vetted' mean?

I’m at the top of my market with the right certifications and significant experience. I’m also in business to serve people and help them put the Ramsey values into practice.

Is RamseyTrusted different from ELP?

Think of it as the next generation of ELP. It’s a better way for Ramsey to house the services they recommend and hold pros like me accountable to the high standards that come with the shield.

Why the change?

Ramsey is bigger than just Dave. Being RamseyTrusted means I’ve got the endorsement of the whole brand—personalities, financial coaches, podcasts, events, etc. Plus it makes it easier for you to find the other services that have earned the RamseyTrusted shield.

Are there other RamseyTrusted services I can use?

Heck yeah. And you should! Check out all of them at ramseysolutions.com/trusted.

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Tanya Kerr

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Amy Girouard

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