Meet Kaylie Henry

Kaylie has been a resident of the Austin area for over 20 years, and strives to bring a level of professionalism and excellence to every client experience.

From the moment you meet Kaylie, her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. Where does she get it? Perhaps it’s a result of ten years shaping the minds of elementary-aged children in the classroom, or perhaps its her experience helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. However, it’s more likely you’re working with her to buy or sell a home - because real estate is where she truly shines.

While teaching, one thing became clear to Kaylie; she loved the fulfillment of educating others. Teaching, showing and guiding with patience, enthusiasm, and determination formed the foundation of her unique and engaging teaching persona. However, in working with entrepreneurs in the business world, she came to realize that there was a life for her beyond the classroom - she just had to reach out and grab it.

The drive to build something of her own led her to pursue the opportunities in the always-changing, never-boring world of real estate; she discovered the perfect outlet for her need to guide and teach, her determination to accomplish the impossible, and a world where her enthusiasm and positivity yields happiness for others.

Designations & Certifications

Kaylie holds multiple licenses & professional certifications, including:


Local Involvement

Brokerage: Keller Williams Realty Southwest Austin, Texas


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